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Lineal Groups team experts have years’ of experience in credit control and debt recovery.

Like it or not, late payments are an unavoidable fact of business life.

As you would imagine, we have heard every excuse under the sun of why someone cannot pay on time. Lineal Group can at least take the pain out of chasing late payments and collecting what is owed to you.

If you have sold goods, provided a service and issued an invoice for payment from your customer but have left you waiting for the payment, you are not alone. Unfortunately, over the last 5 years, attitudes to settling invoices on time have changed to the detriment of you, the supplier.

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The best way to deal with bad debt is to stay ahead of it!

Lineal Group undertakes to handle your debts professionally, and we take great pride in the outstanding results we achieve year on year for our clients.

We have built our company from the astounding long-term working relationships we have built with our clients. Once we are instructed, you will find we do this differently.

Our team of debt experts are dedicated to helping you deliver results that restore your cash flow to the way it should be.

Think you have a case? Why not take advantage of our free, no-obligation initial review?

What our clients say

Eloise Wilkinson
Eloise Wilkinson
17:13 16 Jun 20
Super professional. I came to Lineal Group after having no luck recovering a very stubborn debt and I tried 3 other firms who were unable to help me. After trying myself and nearly giving up my colleague recommended Lineal to me and after contacting them the money was back in my pocket within 2 days despite me expecting it to take weeks! Everyone I dealt with was super helpful and it cost me next to nothing especially compared to other debt recovery groups! Would definitely recommend to anyone that’s struggling.read more
Joe Hare
Joe Hare
20:20 04 Jun 20
Fantastic company. Sorted my claim out quickly and efficiently. Would highly recommend 👍🏻
So helpful and professional. Would definitely recommend
Leanne Bradbury
Leanne Bradbury
16:21 04 Jun 20
Highly recommend. Very professional. Thanks for all the help.
Nick Hatton
Nick Hatton
19:59 26 May 20
Ash and the team at Lineal Group did a fantastic job at helping me recover a small handful of outstanding bad debts from a couple of clients. I tried for weeks to chase the client myself and got nowhere but the team at Lineal did an immaculate job at recovering my outstanding money quickly and without compromising my relationship with my client too!read more
Kane Smith
Kane Smith
06:38 26 May 20
Great service would use again for sure
Charles Edwards
Charles Edwards
05:15 26 May 20
Brilliant company... CKE law has worked with Lineal Group for a number of year. Staff are always helpful and get the job done. Superb debt recovery company.read more
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