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Debt recovery for specialist contractors in the construction and engineering industries requires specialist expertise.

Construction Debt Recovery Experts!…

Lineal Group assists businesses, advisers and insolvency practitioners in the recovery of contractual debts and retentions, which can be notoriously difficult to collect, particularly in the construction sector. We have a proven track record in Construction Debt Recovery. We work hard to get you what is rightfully yours.

All too often a smokescreen is thrown up by main contractors and work in progress, stage payments, variations to the contract and retentions can prove a minefield to collect for all but the experienced specialist. This is where Lineal Group steps in.

Instructing Lineal Group at the earliest available opportunity will ensure that the construction debt recovery is maximised.

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How it Works

Contracts at various stages will be assessed, and where funds permit and a better outcome achieved, Lineal Group will recommend which contracts can be completed.

We secure the contract documentation and ensure that the correct paperwork is in place to support contractual and legal procedures.

We quickly assess sums which are justifiably due, and which can be collected.

We will make every effort to collect the overdue account pre-legally, but should the debt remain unpaid after amicable efforts are exhausted, it may be necessary to proceed with legal action, if possible and with your agreement.

If legal action does become necessary, we will refer your matter to CKE Law who through our introduction will offer reduced legal fees and often take on the cases on a No Win No Fee basis for a success fee.