We Take It Personally

Lineal Group offers a personalised business to business outsourced credit control service.

Credit Control Experts!…

Safeguarding your cash flow is our absolute priority. We take a proactive and assertive approach when handling all credit control and debt-related matters. Our tenacious team will not rest until your accounts are resolved and at the same time maintaining your relationship.

Available to all client’s registered with Lineal Group, we can tailor a workflow, bespoke to your business which can either be managed, implemented and run by your dedicated Account Manager here at Lineal Group.

Simplicity, cost-effectiveness & automation, wherever possible, are paramount to the implementation of any successful credit control function. Too many these days are trying to reinvent the wheel. Our tried and tested credit control strategies, and workflows deliver great results year on year for our clients.

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Forewarned Is Forearmed

In today’s climate, we cannot emphasise enough the importance of knowing as much about your customer as possible.

Lineal Group is dedicated to providing bespoke credit management and credit control solutions at an affordable cost. Sometimes the best business you do is the business you do not do in the first place.